overcast: (adj.) overspread or covered with clouds

Sometimes we find our ourselves thinking, I don’t feel right today. There’s a certain uneasiness in our heart that makes us look like a lunatic when we try to put it into words.

In my attempt to shun away that feeling, I turn to social media. What a habit it has become, strolling our thumb away, one picture after another.

* Just a random thought, did our parents or grandparents look through photo albums every time they were bored. Did they just pick up photo albums and start flipping away page after page. I mean it makes sense to occasionally look at photographs, when they are feeling nostalgic or to show off tan in their vacation pictures. But they can’t possibly just walk into someone else’s house and start flipping away through a stranger’s photo album. Absurd! Yet here we are having access to millions of peoples’ private lives just with a touch of our thumb. *

Getting back on topic, just when I really needed it the most I came across a saying. It goes “Sometimes dark waves comes over the happiest people and that’s okay, it’s part of the human experience.”

I certainly don’t believe in the phrase “happiest people”. With the rise of technology and social media, I feel like the projection of happiness has been severely over-rated. This brings me to another quote I read. “Happiness is not a feeling, it’s a state of mind.”

Chemistry education has taught me that matter has 3 major states (solid, liquid and gas) it can take in most environment. Based on Wikipedia,

  1. “A state of matter is also characterized by phase transitions. A phase transition indicates a change in structure and can be recognized by an abrupt change in properties.”
  2. “The state or phase of a given set of matter can change depending on pressure and temperature conditions, transitioning to other phases as these conditions change to favor their existence”

 Which, lo and behold, sufficiently sums up the human experience.


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