pang: (n.) sudden feeling of mental/emotional distress

Pain can be made lighter if you allow it. There are several layers of negativity and several methods to deal with them. But one avenue I’ve explored to work, was to just let it out.

Communicate. Regardless of how stressful, uncomfortable, unpleasant or the stomach-sickening fear of losing a loved one, get it out of your system. Go about it as nicely as you can, in just the way you would appreciate someone talking to you.

Somewhere along the passage, your voice may crackle, you may stutter or form a jumble of words, tears might well up or dribble down, your tone might even get louder or sometimes softer but please carry on. For the sake of your sanity, don’t worry about their reaction. Don’t let them distract you from speaking your feelings.

Be heard and be proud. This is your moment. And moments pass. So own your one peculiar passing moment.



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